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Our meaning a group of year 11 students blogging about their trip to Broome and Beagle Bay for one of the community outreach programs at our school.

Please read, enjoy and follow us throughout our amazing journey!

The Secondary School!

Our last night in Broome,what a way to end the trip… A beautiful sunset on cable beach!

Pre primary’s :)

The Prendiville students had a fantastic opportunity to work with the teachers and the students at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Beagle Bay. Music by local artist Kevin Birch.

Paddy (Mr Devlin) decided to take the camera out today and capture the activity at Beagle Bay. He assured us all he had a good grasp of the on/off function of the camera and that he had some good footage upon his return. Well what can we say except “we were all very impressed with his skills”. Well done Paddy!!!

The Prendiville crew hit the road and ventured to the top of the Dampier Peninsular to visit the community of One Arm Point. An amazing exchange of energy and creativity took place between the Prendiville students and the local community which resulted in some very special art work.

The students from Prendiville head North from Broome to Beagle Bay. Georgia and Greg compose a song that encapsulates the adventure so far. Enjoy!

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Hi this is ryan mcclure just wondering when you'll be back thanks :)

We are arriving back at Perth airport at 5pm this Saturday :)

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The Secondary Classroom, Sacred Heart School, Beagle Bay:

Greg and I (Georgia) had a fantastic time working with our group of boys ranging from ages 12-14, Just getting to know them and what they liked to do but also learning some new words in their language, we had such a laugh and it was great fun!

After recess we headed to the art and science room (The photo above).
We did an experiment with bubbles and the states of matter in the science section of the day which is great fun playing around with the different types of bubbles you could make.
Then it came to the art section of the day and we all just sat around talking, drawing and doing all sorts of different art projects. It was really good as we got to know what the boys were good at and what they loved doing.

Lunch came and we just ate some food and waited around eager to get back in the classroom with the kids!
After lunch we met at the computer room and made a congratulations card on publisher for those who are completing the sacrament of confirmation next week.

Soon school was over and we had a fantastic time! I speak on behalf of both of us when I say it wasn’t what we expected at all but in a good way!

-Greg and Georgia